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Heavenly Sword (PS3) - Official Thread



whats scary about this is that everything is in game :shock:

Looks fantastic


yep, really is unbelievable.

tbh I was a bit dubious on the demo shown at the Sony Conference, but after seeing it being played live on Gamespot I was more than impressed.
Edge magazine have it as their cover game too, so they must be impressed ;)

Just a bit gutted that it wont be launch title though...


18 July 2003
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Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis, who you may know as sneaky raw fish connoisseur Gollum and giant hairy ape King Kong, has been speaking to the Beeb about his new role in Heavenly Sword.

Ninja Theory's hack n' slasher was the undoubted star of Sony's PS3 line-up at last month's E3 and, after seeing the game in action, Serkis duly signed up via a rather unusual process (more on that in a moment) to star in the game as ultimate villain King Botan - as well as taking on board a dramatic director role on the title.

"We are aiming to bring the highest level of layered, truthful and emotionally engaging performance into Heavenly Sword," said Serkis, who went through a lengthy motion capture routine (which he should be used to now) to bring the evil Botan to life.

Serkis was apparently recruited via a rather unusual route through his mortgage adviser, who happens to be the brother of Ninja Theory's boss, Tameem Antoniades. Antoniades told the Beeb, "Because the production quality [on Heavenly Sword] is so high, we have been working with more film people. Andy is taking care of all the performance capture, the casting and is heavily involved in writing."

"We've done facial tests with him to find out how to create believable performances in real time on the PlayStation 3. Not many people believed what we showed [last year] was real," said the Ninja Theory boss. "This year we have proved ourselves to the doubters."


26 August 2006
The demo is available to download from the PS3 store. However it is a 1gig download for a 5 minute demo. Seemed to be a button masher to me and was very easy. But as I said is a very limited demo. Nice graphics though!

Kenny M

The demo is available to download from the PS3 store. However it is a 1gig download for a 5 minute demo. Seemed to be a button masher to me and was very easy. But as I said is a very limited demo. Nice graphics though!
ninja theory done a Q&A and told us that the demo was on the first level.

if you try to button mash on the later levels, you will get your pretty ass kicked.

also, there is a HELL mode available from the start.

Dead Man

Ummm I don't really need to, it's Girl of War. The game mechanics and visual style are in the same vein.
Good for you.

Anyway the demo is great & you can tell it was on the lowest setting. Looking forward to this as although DMC4 is completed on PS3 it wont come out this year due to porting it on to 360.

One good hack n slash is fine by me. Great look n feel to it especially the stances

Kenny M

Only thing i got from the demo was sore fingers, i hope the majority of the game ain't like this as it won't be for me.
i completed the demo using counters and special attacks.

you should try it out.

wait for an opponent to attack and use the triangle to counter.

you won't get sore thumbs and is much more effective to deal with them.

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005

I was wondering has anyone got this game. I bought mine on Saturday.

It's a alright game, with a decent story line....it's a bit of a button basher, but the makers of the game really tried to vary the game out. There are parts of the game where you use the sixaxis to shoot up coming enemies and boats. There's also two different characters that you get to control, who have different skills and combo.

I haven't got far into the game, but i'll let you lot know (if anyone is interested).


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6 February 2006
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Yeah i got it on Friday - forced myself not to play it that much and still ended up completing it on Saturday night.

good stuff though despite its length
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