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Hello.. and help needed.



First all let me say hi, i've loved konami games ever since ISS deluxe on the SNES, and obv loving the pro evo series.

I am asking for someone to help me here though.

Me and my brother both love the game, so ever since PES3, we've done some sort of draft with players.

We both get a blank team, and take it in turns to select 2 players from the teams to make super teams. (We have master league games on another memory card so we don't have to worry about the teams)

Also with this we get to unlock 2 players each from the classic players (I took schmeichel and landroam as they're beasty).

My problem this year is i focused too much on attack and not enough on defence, which meant he has at centre back


which leaves me with the lesser ones like terry samuel thuram lucio.

I'm also short of a DM that can boss the game.

Now next time we play we're getting some more classic players.

So my questions:

Can anyone tell me any defenders that are good enough to play that are locked?, classic teams too if the random players don't have any there.

Also is it worth sticking with beckenbaur and gullit or is there someone else there that's worth a look for DM.



Outside the Box!
29 July 2006
There's plenty of good defenders...

Nesta, Maldini, Marquez, Campbell, Carvalho... I mean these guys are solid...

if u want someone in the middle to "boss" the game, there's Gattuso, Cambiasso, Viera, Makelele... and there's guys like Nedved that can control the game from anywhere...
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