Help -> Edit team ALWAYS greyed out in Master league


12 February 2006
Hi, hoping someone can help with this:
I'm unable to edit my team when playing master league.
At first I thought it was due to me starting with the real team players instead of the master league players ( ivarov, Castolo and them ! ).
Now I played about 5 seasons master league with the real team players, and the edit team option during the negotation period at the end of the season is always greyed out

I tried playing as the originial master league players, and after season1 checked but the edit team is still greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong ? Any suggestions ?


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21 February 2003
Did you choose a licensed team?

You cant edit a licensed kit/stadium, so thats probably the problem.


12 February 2006
Not sure what you mean with licensed team ? I picked Arsenal, and used both the standard and the master league players.
Should I create my own team and is this the only way to do this ?

In PES4 I could play as Arsenal and still edit my team

:: JJ ::

Arsenal are licenced (i.e. they have their proper kit, not a generic kit), you can't edit their properties.
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