Help me choose a team to be in ML.


24 June 2004
I'm about to start a new ML in WE8LE with the new reefur patch, but I can't decide wich team I'm gonna be. I want to start with a team that's got some young developing players. One team I think look interesting is Villareal, some other suggestions? (not teams that are already very good)


28 September 2003
kevano22 said:
Liverpool won the champions league so go the best team in europe
Is that how it works?
Doesent make sense because the best team in England is Chelsea so how can the best team in Europe be Liverpool?


7 October 2002
Write down this name: João Moutinho (Sporting CP).

The last time I told ppl to write down a name in this forum it was 3 years ago and the name was: Cristiano Ronaldo (also Sporting CP).

so... follow this kid, last season was is first professional season and was already named the official MVP of the portuguese league.

PS - Expect Konami to rate him correctly when:

a) he is in his 30s
b) transfers to Man Utd, Real Madrid, Milan, Inter or Arsenal
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