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he dudes
ive been playing these jams since pes3. im good but not great. like i saw one of you dudes saying you play at 6 star and win division two the first season with the ml default players. im like.....what! thats crazy. i want to be that good. instead i go three or four games without ever scoring. the games i do win are 1-0 my way but they are a struggle for sure.
im playing we 10 now and like some of you i think its the best so far. but again im having a lot of trouble winning (scoring for that matter) on 6 stars. i want to dominate. how do you guys do it? ive been told keep possession and be patient but that doesnt always work for me. any help would be greatly appreciated.


League 2
18 March 2002
well, what you wanna hear, course you need to play good, pass a lot.
And try getting one great offensive midfielder during your first chance of buying players. Sell / kick out the ones you really dont need and get one good midfielder (Yeste or alike) and maybe even a good goalie or centre back.

Helps me.

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