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Help Needed Badly



Hello all.

I have only Just got PES6.

When i install the game it goes all fine.

When i play thet game the main menu is Black?? i can only see the options at the Bottom. (That did not really bother me too much)

I want to input Stadiums/Kits everything basicly. But i aint got a clue how to do this.

If someone could tell me how to do it or even Picture show me how to do this i would be very greatful.



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16 July 2004
Dont worry about black main menu - graphics card wont support
the menu and no one can fix.

You need to search for and download KITSERVER by JUCE from these forums.This is a fantasric utility to make life simple.
Then read the manual in the main kitserver folder,its all very straight forward.

You might also want to search for and download PLAYER GDB MANAGER
by LPlover2k2.

If you want to import into your O_text.afs search for tutorials.
Too much to explain in a short thread.
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