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Help needed from the PES experts.


PES Novice
7 September 2006
Arsenal FC
I downloaded PES 6 from a torrent file ( size was 329 MB ). I got the game to run but imo it does not have the commentary files or i may be missing something here. The dat folder contains 4 files. 0_sound ( 23.6 Mb) ,0_text (424 Mb) ,e_sound (370 Mb) and e_text (23.6 Mb).

Can you people please tell how to get the commentary running in the game? Are the above files sufficient or do i have to download additional files ?

Cheers. Tough times being an Arsenal supporter. :(


4 August 2005
i know this sounds silly but you tried in options that the commentry is on , and turned up in game ??? if not download a pes6 patch and try that ;)


League 2
23 October 2006
somewhat weird. 0_sound generally takes up nearly 400~500MB. but 0_sound you have takes up about 20MB;;


That version you downloaded is a compact version, made smaller so it is easier to download. Therefore, the biggest parts are left out (e.g. commentary), that is why you have no commentary. You need to get an original 0_sound from somewhere I think.

By the way, you are not allowed to talk about downloading games etc here because of piracy, but I feel it is ok because games are so overpriced!


Don't buy it, don't give your money to the lazy bastards at Konami who give us the same game every year, if people stopped buying the game they would be forced to improve it.
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