Help needed



Just need some help guys i am trying to play pes at the min and i am gettin shudder as if the game is trying to catch up. I have just in past week put a ATI x1950 card in and tryed downloading latest drivers today with no luck.

If any one could help me i would be greatful.


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18 March 2006
I seem to remember the ATi cards having problems. Not sure if there are any fixes. I just remember a thread where lots of people complained about slowdowns and such.

I think one of the ways to fix it was to find a way to not have to use the DVD to play the game, since some people found that the game would play normally when using a crack.

For obvious reasons I cannot point you to such a file, but the way I see it, you should give it a go and see if it helps. If you bought the game it is only fair that you try everything to get it to play as it should. With a graphics card like that and a CPU not older that '95 It should run smoothly. ;)
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