Help Please?


RC de Strasbourg
20 July 2005
I`ve been using the EditPES4OptionFile 1.23 to update all my transfers and stats etc but just come across something which is really strange to me and hopefully someone can tell me why? i`ve changed Crystal Palace To Wigan by overwriting the players and stats in the option file but then when i come to edit the players appearance in the game all the crystal palace names are still there so how can i edit the likes of Nathan Ellington or Jason Roberts in the wigan squad but if i went on the Register a Player the wigan players are there so why aren`t they in the edit modedo i have to do something so i can get all the team rosters i`ve done in the option file to appear in the Edit mode so i can change the player`s appearances, faces etc.


6 August 2004
The Konami editor ingame remains the same no mather what you edit. If you tranfser a player from club A to club B, he is still in at club A in the konami editor.
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