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5 October 2006
Hey everyone.

I am in Canada at the moment and the PS3 has just come out. I have sold my ps2 and pes5. I am about to Return to Englnad and want to know the answer to one or two things please:-

1. Would a Canadian PS3 work in the UK with a power adaptor?

2. Would a Canadian PS3 be compatible with UK PS2 PES6 & UK PS3 Games?

3. If the above were to work on PS3 how would I download option File for PS3 (does the PS3 except memory cards?)

Or shall I just get another PS2 and then leave it redundant once I get PES next Gen/PS3? (a bit of a waste of money)

Thanks in advance!



19 May 2005
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i got an idea,sell your ps3 to me and stick with ps2!!!NO? ok just pick me one up and i'll hook it up when you get here.....;)
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16 October 2005
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SPMC said:
out in Canada already?!
It's not, perhaps a mix up of wording rather than an outright lie though.

To be honest, the 360 and PS3 versions of Pro Evo will be the same, so you may aswell save yourself some money and go with the 360.

I say they'll be the same, I have a feeling PS3 will get some kind of Pro Evo to fill the gap between now and PES7, that may be marginally better, but PES7 will be the same for both, just look at PS2 and Xbox, there is no doubting the huge gap in terms of power but the Xbox version was limited to what the PS2 version did.
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