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23 September 2004
Hey Guys,

After bagging my copy of PES5, I'm quite interested in getting it set up for online play. However, I've tried setting up my PS2 for online play before with Burnout: Takedown, and failed miserably. Let me explain my set-up, and see if anyone else had the same set-up and how to fix it. (I will be trying to set up online play 2morrow probably, haven't tried it with PES5 yet)

I have all the hardware required on the PS2 end. I have a 4MB broadband connection, linked on my main machine, with my other 2 machines linked up to the main one via LAN cables and a HUB. They Internet connection share with the main one.

I remember when I linked up the PS2 to the HUB when I had burnout: Takedown, it would recognise the connection and I could set it up etc, but then when I tried connecting to the online server via Burnout, It froze. I'm expecting the same to happen with PES5.

Anyone have the same connection as mine who could explain to me exactly how to set it up step by step so that when I go to connecting it all up 2morrow, I can own u all at PES5? :>

Appreciate the help.



23 September 2004
Yeh sorry I didnt actually notice that. I didnt bother looking - just posted. Stupid really :/

However. I have now looked - and still have no idea how to fix my problem :/

EDIT: Ok I've tested it out. I get to the Verifying DNAS screen, it flashes that message for about 4 minutes, then says:

DNAS Error (-402)
A Playstation 2 disk information error has occured. Please contact your local Playstation Customer Care line on the number provided in the software manual for assistance.
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1 January 2003
truebluenose said:
russellclow said:
DNAS Error (-402)

That error usually means dnas has detected a modchip
Invalid disc. "DNAS Error (-402) A PS2 disc information error has occurred"

caused either by playing a backup or can sometimes happen if the ps2 is having problems reading the disc


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11 April 2005
To play a backup online with a chip installed you need to patch the backup iso with the disc id from your original copy.
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