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Help with Ball installation (Graphics Studio)



I am trying to install new balls w/ both AFS Exploer and Graphics studio. When I right click unknown_00000 and try to import a .bin from a folder, it keeps telling me it is too big. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any info.

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
Use the new AFS explorer (vers 3.7) and use the "modify reserved space" . It will then build a new AFS file . Use the rebuilt one and using the modify reserved space , select the file you need more space on , click the increase space until you have enough room . Save the afs , import your ball(s)into the game , and use the new afs (o_text) instead of your old .


1 October 2005
-open text_o (grapics studio)
-go to e.g unknow_00006
-then right click on graphic studio 5.11.11 where the pictures are and where is says website
-then open the ball bmp
-then drag it over the old bmp
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