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Help with Championship, L1, L2 & Conf Option File


21 February 2003

Today I got my Max Drive through the post and I've decided to start work on a large option file for the lower leagues.

In the past I've posted up some pics of Conference kits that I created, which resulted in quite a few PMs asking if a Conference option file was availible. So I'm going to make the Conference plus all the leagues up to Championship. hopefully in time for the season start. I've got a couple of like-minded friends, so I'll have a good crack at it.

The help that I need are current squad lists of any club in the above leagues and updates from supporters with regards to signings/playing style of players/new kit launches as when they happen. I guess they'll be quite a few lower league supporters around here so it will reduce quite a bit of the work load.

So basically, if support a lower league side could you keep me updated via this thread or PM, so I can transfer that info onto to the opyion file.

And in the end I'm sure it'll be worth it :)


19 June 2003
Newcastle Upon Tyne
How you getting on with this ???

Although I support Newcastle United I still get most enjoyment from playing WE8LE with the british patch i.e. all the English and Scottish teams, much more satisfying than playing Nancy .v. Strasbourg or whatever.
So this option file would be the ultimate for me, I cant really provide any technical help but ill send you some Pro Plus tablets in the post so you can stay awake all night to get things ready for the beginning of the season.

Right got to start thinking about my trip to my St James Park this afternoon to see the mighty mags awash with new signings (well none actually) take on Lillestrom. Real football is back !!!


This would be an amazing file! I support Coventry and although I have created them for my game its not the same playing these johnny foreigner fancy dan teams. I could provide some stats for Coventry/Cheltenham who I know fairly well if needed. Good luck with all that work :applause:
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