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Help with kitserver!!!



can somebody tell me how to install the kitserver for pro evo 6??

thanks in advance

Hectic Glenn

League 2
14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
nobody knows
When you don't know juce, no one knows :( Chin up buddy!

tomlebleu, put the 'kitserver' folder after it's unzipped in the PES6 folder, alongside the 'DAT' folder and the PES6.exe. Go into the kitserver folder, click the installer, and it should highlight the PES6.exe direction, simply click install, and when you next start the game, it should be working. Read the large Kitserver thread on this page, and the help file in there. Don't be lazy...


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7 November 2003
yeah, normally i wouldn't respond like that. just got caught up in the moment... The docs/manual.html explains the installation - fairly straight forward, i think. As Hectic Glenn correctly suggested, give that a read. That will hopefully also answer some other questions you might have now or in the future.
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