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help with max drive ps2


wolves man

Hi all.I have forgot how to get the option file onto my max drive.I used it once on another site about a year ago but i have totaly forgotten how to use it :( Dont you need winzip or something like that.cheers.
If you could just give me a idiots guide to update my pro 5 game i would be very grateful.Thanks

Doubla R

13 April 2005
Well, what I do is download the option file, if is zipped I use WinRAR, you can go to yahoo and search for it, the website is something like rarlab.com, download the english version, then unzip it, and copy the option file to the Max Drive folder you get when u connect it to the USB drive. After you have it in the Max Drive, you need to have ur memory card in the PS2, you put in the Max Drive cd, let it load, then go to my devices and select the little flash drive icon, when you're in select the option file and uncrush to ur memory card and you're set.
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