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Hey folks wondering if anyone can offer any insight in to a few of my problems.

Whenever i play pro evo online my players are absolute garbage. When i use inter for instance, i could be running with adriano and he gets shoved off the ball so easily, when adriano is playing against me, i cant get him off the ball. In a foot race to a ball the other day giggs beat martins to the ball, giggs started behind martins!!! Its really frustrating. I consider myself to be a good player and my brother said it was just me, untill he played and had exactly the same problems. Its like the other teams are on speed and steroids and my players have been smoking weed all day. Its like my players have never played together before.

Im playing it online on my ps3 and both those instances mentioned above were when the condition was set to normal not random. I have a good braodband connection and experience little if not no lag. I played it online on my mates ps2, played 15 games won 10 drew 5, 1st 5 games on ps3 (with same tactics) i lost all five. I didnt all of a sudden get shit.

Is anyone else having this problem???

Rosco :(

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Are you playing using random condition? I have had some games with similar problems to you, and I just put it down to the condition of certain players.


It happens with both random condition and normal. Even when my players are red arrow up they play like crap.
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