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Help With Option File



Hi i just started playing w119 any would really like to use one of the option files provided on this site. I am a total noooob with all this though, I have a chip ps2 and action replay max but dont understand how to get the o/f onto the memory card, if i burn the cue/bins provied the load to a ps2 menu program (that i dont understand) and create a corrupted data save on my m/card, If you can provide me with some help it would be much appretiated.


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13 July 2004
Hello buddy.

You need to download a cue/bin version of the Option File you want. This bin/cue image most probably includes a little program that will boot when you load the Option File CD and will help you transfer the actual WE information to your memory card.

The steps you must follow are:

1st. - Download and burn the bin/cue version of your favourite Option File into a CD.

2nd. - Boot this CD you just made as if it were an import disc, with Action Replay.

3rd. - When the little program loads, you must press triangle to select the source from where the program must read, choose the CD source from there and navigate your way through to the Option File entry -should be the only one in the CD-, and then press the :x: key (I think). A file will start being copied onto your memory card, and WHEN IT SAYS IT IS DONE COPYING you can reset your PS2 and boot the WE disc as you would usually do.

The file that has been created CAN SEEM CORRUPTED, but it might not be, so try booting WE with it first, and if it doesn't load, then try considering other options:

- Delete the file and re-do the copying (it sometimes happens that the file is not copied 100% perfect to the memory card and that you have to re-boot the OF CD and transfer it again).

- The CD where you burnt the OF image might be damaged. Try burning it again at the slowest speed.

- Use the search tool of these forums: there's a guideline thread concerning this bin/cue loading somewhere in this site, I don't remember where exactly, but it's there, so try to find it. :)
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