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How can i Play Online

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22 June 2007
Hello Everybody
i have Download PES6 From Internet it's not Original Copy well
How can i Play Online it keep asking me for Registeration Code
that i Don`t have
where i Can Find it i wanna challenge PPL Online i`m good Player and i wanna Win as much as i can
Could u Please Help me To Challenge PPL Online
waiting for Reply


12 December 2002
Well I think you already answered your own question. What do you aspect from a downloaded game?
29 December 2006
Manchester United
could someone just say If they know any valid way to get a ripped
Pro Evo 6 working online.... I heard theres a way that you can use workaround so you can use a playstation user name, and you could also try for ages using lots of keygen codes on the registration page, other than that does anyone know???


12 December 2001
No warez talk here, people. Read our rules or get yourself a ticket to Banville!
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