How do I get rid of legend people ?



I unlock few legends team in Winning eleven 9 but then when I start a new season they are in the Master League that you can sign them at the first season first half transfer period !! Some of the PC team already drafted few!! I HATE THAT !! >.< THat spoils everything in ML !!!

Can anyone tell me how do I prevent/delete/destroy ... watever :p the legendary people in the transfer list in Master league once you unlock them ?? I don't know japanese so I might miss a place that you can choose that ... Please help !! I wanna play now !! >.<


18 June 2005
Real Madrid
This also happens to me its so unrealistic !!

Why gesus christ why cant we have a proper and normal career mode.


been there done that
10 November 2003
the best is to NOT unlock them.
but as you did, you can go to edit and cut therir ststs to 1 point in everything. this should help.


League 2
9 August 2004
Or edit them into real life players that are not in the game... since its now availabe in master league I think all classic players can be replaced with edited ones???? try it out let us know....


24 August 2005
That would be possible, but no one would wanna draft thema, because their salary would be as high as it was when they were the Legends you edited ;).


3 November 2002
It doesn't matter anyway, a few seasons later old players that aren't even in the WE shop will appear as 17 year olds. Then players that retire during the ML will come back as 17 year olds, like on PES4. Makes the while ML pointless, shame really.


29 July 2004
I actully enjoy it, cause when I have my team complete, with all the players I want then the game even in 6 stars is so easy, and the legends make it harder, cause giving pele or Hugo Sanchez a chance is goal for sure so it makes the game much better and funnier, plus in my game butragueño was in barcelona hahahaha thats just ridiculous


2 August 2004
Yeah and that's why we don't unlock them.

P.s. Bummyjab, I don't know how it is in WE9 but in WE8LE which I did my database for it was NOT a good idea to create some real players over legends. One problem of course was the fixed salary which was very high maybe for an avg 22 year old but that wasn't the real problem.

The problem was when you unlock these guys, they appear after a year in ML as 17 year olds!!!! and if you were to edit let's say Petit to a player that needed createing let's say MR. X who is 22.

You could do that and put Mr. X in his club in Bastia let's say BUT... in ML he's show up as a 17 year old in Bastia and with very much reduced stats than you gave.

That's why I did'nt create anyone over classic players but made sure they're all LOCKED so they dont give us hell and at same time give people enough money on option file so they CAN if they want unlock them and this is how every other option file should do in my opinion.
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