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how do i play 2 on 2 online?


5 November 2001
Ask in the chat if someone wants to play 2 on 2.

If not, play with 2 men against 1.

Just push start with the 2nd controller.


21 February 2003
this is what me and my mate ave been waiting for for years. weve been playing 2 player masterleague since iss pro (yeah even on iss pro 2 as there was a code to get 2 players :)). when i get my ps2 online which should be tomorrow we will give you a game apokalips


18 August 2003
I am going to make this one of my preset game messages as i always say "2v2 anyone"? and everyone go's HOW???

Also I make a room in block capitals that is called 2VS2 ONLY PLEASE someone comes in and i say 2v2? and he goes no sorry. How stupid can people get?


timsmith10000 said:
How stupid can people get?
Quite. I've created twice a 15 min game and both times opponent have wrote in the setup: "10 min please?"


20 September 2003
The pro evo community is the stupidest i've ever encountered to be quite honest.
I was saying in chat last night "2V2 ONLY" & "Anyone wanna play 2V2" and similar, also called my room 2V2 ONLY!!!! First game a guy joins, so i say to him wheres your friend, and hes like 'oh, he went home'....
Next game the person joins, and again i ask where's your freind? He says 'oh, sorry, my mistake', none of them will quit out either, so you either have to play the retard, or lose the game...
Honestly i do wonder how these people managed to get their ps2's online..
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