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how do u use wing backs?


3 January 2004
how do i make players like carlos or cafu play as wing backs?

in we9 it only let me play them as side backs or centre backs.

how do i change thier positions to wing backs?


2 August 2004
Inter_211 or RuneEdge, you can't argue both ways. Basically Wingback is something in between a side back which is a defender and a winger which is a midfielder so you can't say it's really a midfield OR defensive position or its dumb if its either one but for the sake of being able to select it, it's just like Inter said, a midfield position


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
You're all looking at this in the wrong way. A Wing Back is exactly the same thing as a Side Back. But in the game, they are two different positions so that you can control how aggressively they attack and track back.
In reality is just a position where defenders block the wings. Roberto Carlos is a wing back. But he's not a midfielder.


I agree with Rune, surely when you have a SB he won't attack, yet with a WB he piles up the flanks like Cafu and Cole etc. I might try changing a SB into a WB and see if he attacks the wings.
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