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How do you change the speed of your PSP?


12 April 2005
hello everyone can someone help me i been playing winning eleven on my psp and i must say its great but is there a way of speeding up my game to 333mhz which i thought the psp was meant to run at and is there a way to get the menus into english?

cheers people


Waiting for the postman..
9 August 2004
What firmware do you have??

Anything above 1.5 and you cannot do it as the programme that selects 333mhz is homebrew.

Theres an option file on PSP Updates but as yet, no way to translate the menu's, only player names and Team names.

Use the option file though as it does all kits, well the sponsors and stuff...


8 September 2003
No english menus, its a jap game:). Get pro evo for english menus.
and you can dump your umd down to a 1gig memory stick using a certain eboot and then play it at 333mhz using another program. also why bother starting this thread when all the answers are on the winning eleven ue thread!
search before you make a thread, it only takes a few seconds.
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