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How Do You Do This Trick?


19 May 2006
i think its a coicidence. seems like its a shot-feint. prolly x followd by supercancel. strange things like that might happen when trapping the ball with supercancel.


4 August 2004
I've tried to 'supercancel' when/while receiving the ball, and nothing happens? (I take on the ball just like using R2 only, the ball just stops)

do I need to stand still or be on the move?


Golden Boot Winner
6 February 2006
Newcastle United
From kick off pass the ball backwards into your own half and the MF player standing in the centre of the pitch will take the pass.

Hold R2 as the ball comes near him and it always does that flick up thing


testtest said:
Press R1 and L1 at the same time when receiving the ball, try it it's very usefull.
yes it does nothing very useful wp


yes he just controls it...besides i want to be able to do it in the box not in my own half
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