How do you guys arrange your ML?



This is a general thread where people can tell how they arrange there master leagues, that is what are the 4 different leagues, the teams in the leagues etc. I havent started my ml yet as im waiting for plf's patch but this is how ill arrange it

British Premiership-England + Scotland
Low Valleys Championship-Germany + Belgium + Netherlands
Mediterranean Premiership- Spain + Portugal + France
Eastern European Super League- Italy + Greece + Turkey


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11 April 2005
I do like a European super league with all the best teams in div 1 and 2. The other leagues I just fill with the best teams, I do this as I think you'll all agree it's the most realistic way.....and now were go go karting...easy. :D


29 October 2005
I just make sure there are about 3-4 super powers in each league, then put in a mixture of everything else.


2 August 2004
I personally like to not mix France and Spain up for example and keep it as close to a real league as we can.

So depending on what team I pick, I do my best to play in that real life league.

So let's say I choose Seville as my ML team. I will pick 15 other La Liga teams and put them in Div 1 with me.

Then I will put the 4 remaining (weaker La Liga) teams in Div 2 along with the 4 crappiest teams I can find. Usually 3 newly promoted Dutch teams or likes of RBC are crap enough to let the Spanish sides get promoted season after season and keep our Div 1 realistic and like a real life La Liga!

Again If I were to pick an Italian team I'd try to have realistic Serie A and English team realistic EPL but that's just me and it's not a bad idea to mix Scottish and English teams I guess or Portuguese and Spanish as long as they have some relations.

I generally myself prefer it as realistic as possible though.

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England & Scotland (with Rosenberg making the numbers up)
Anybody decent in Europe

Works for me :D
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