How do you invite a friend to play?


11 December 2005
Guys, sorry for the theoretically silly question, I dont know what I am doing wrong but I have added a friend to my xbox live account and I guess the logical way to play a PES6 game with him is to click on the "invite to a game" button.

The problem is that that button is not "clickable".

Any ideas as to what am I doing wrong?


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27 April 2002
try setting up a match and setting it to friends only or private its something like that anyway

it may be greyed out becuase others are trying to connect to the host, setting it to the above makes sure the host can choose who he wants to invite


19 August 2006
you have to invite through the xbox guide, NOT through the game. so set up a player game, with "play with friends or something" on, then invite through the xbox guide. he will then get a private message through xbox guide
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