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how do you nutmeg your oppenents?


22 November 2005
what is the button to press on?or is it just lucky when you do that...


League 1
12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
There is not a specific button, there are several ways to nutmeg a player but it always involves (some) luck. I found that performing the shot fake (square and then cross) will often result in a nutmeg. The defender sticks out his leg and the ball will go through.


i hail from ISS time
9 November 2004
Wel u gotta do some dribbel moves,freestyle with the R2 and L1 button and use the d-pad or analog and just wait for the right moment,but i have to say doing a nutmeg in we10 is way harder then in we9 ,defenders AI is a lot better and yes u gotta have some luck with it.Try to do it against a low class defender from erendivisie or something.

How ever i did managed to do it with Ronnie on gattuso:)
But it took me very long time to do it.

Ronnie gives a nasty panna(nutmeg)to gattuso


Junka said:
"Try to do it against a low class defender from erendivisie or something."

Junka you're looking for dutch friends ?
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