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How do you rate my PES skill?


Football Shootball
4 September 2006
Chelsea FC,AC Milan
Thanx guys for all the support.
Everybody has their own opinion;I personally think critism is the best form of aprreciation,because it lets you to make better.And there's a difference between critism and sarcasm or indecent attitude.This guy does not know that difference,and that's why its not the second time that he has created a fuss,Burna had been a victim of this guy who has been "rob"bed off his grey cells.
Secondly in the entire thread I haven't used a single slang,but this guy is now barking with "you idiot";I have never seen someone so uncultured and indecent,who doesn't know how to speak to elders.
Anyway,lets really stop this matter.This guy is a psychic;as he said he does nothing but download,so the only way to make a difference,only way to make his presence felt is by bugging others.He thinks PES6 is a "pathetic(crap) game" and yet he is in a PES forum!!!After all how long a person can continue downloads for a "pathetic" game and do nothing in "productive" time?Its his job to bug others,right guys??
So the best way,just ignore him,let him bark as he does always,and don't get bothered.Let him reply,(he will do definitely again,because even after being cursed so many times in this thread,he still shamelessly goes on quarreling,and will shamelessly do it again),but just ignore him.

Its been a long time that he is continuing,but let's make ourselves clean by not dirting ourselves.This thread is gradually getting shifted from the title,and we,who had not been "rob"bed off with common sense and insane attitude,must bring the thread back to the topic.
Feel free to write your comments,and please no more quarrel.


1 January 2004
You might aswell leave it mate, these two are clearly lost causes.

jonneymendoza you totally missed Jacks point. This Rob guy totally insulted someone without provication. You're a fool for defending him, even if you say you wernt.

Rob92 your last post shows how much of a wanker you really are. Its not your place to call people sad, people post goals all the time. Good people on this forum are appreciated, people like you are simply hated and ignored. Enjoy your stay.
WHOA that was abit cold of you. what have i done to provoke you?


i think that video is like the song...fecking gay!
Wow someone agrees with me!!!
ranabir, my attitude was fine, people are just "liking" your video because I was a bit harsh and people all felt sorry for you because it seems to be so wrong to have opinions and criticise.
I call PES crap because it is 8-way control in a game made in 2006 wtf? millions of spooned shots, crappy free kicks, same graphics as PES4+5, the list goes on and on... So I won't be downloading anyway so that is nonsense about me only downloading.
Look at the amount of Fifa fans and other people who don't like PES (there's quite a few ;)).
I haven't carried on quarreling at all, I have tried to stop this but no you and others have to carry on. I have only been cursed by soft people who think saying something sucks and having opinions is wrong.
You also seem to think that you deserve respect because you are older than me, seriously, if you are much older than me shouldn't you be caring for family, going to work or be out with mates instead of being on a computer playing virtual football? That, in my opinion, shows that you are an idiot.
Oh and what a topic, great topic. "Rate my PES skill" lol! What sort of topic is that?! You are wrong for posting that here when there's already a thread for replays.
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23 December 2006
The Mighty Everton f.c.
Thanx mate , very well put together and some awesome goals too, any chance of a part two?!


Football Shootball
4 September 2006
Chelsea FC,AC Milan
Thanx Blue4life for showing interest in Part 2!!!
Let See whether it can be shaped out!
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