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How do you score?!?


6 January 2004
I am finding PES 5 (PC) very irritating to say the least, I just cant seem to score many goals (against CPU 5*), in PES 4 I like a lot of players scored a lot of goals playing the trusty L1+ Throughball technique but this just doesn't seem to work in PES 5, either the players dont make runs or when they do they are always offside, add to that the pass is always over-hit and I virtually cant get any goals with that technique anymore. I just cant figure out a way of scoring consistantly, I wouldn't even mind losing games if they were 1-2 or 2-3 rather than 0-0 or 1-0 everytime, if I cant find a way to score more goals I give up with this game and go back to play Battlefield, its just too boring playing non-stop short pass. Anyone got ideas as to how to score goals?!.


1 January 2003
the lofted through ball isn't much use now if you try to play it through the middle, i only tend to use through balls now to play a winger or overlapping full back in behind the opposing full backs though i've had a bit of success playing a lofted through ball by chipping it into the box from out on the wing (there's a tutorial on it in the situation training i think)

the secret now is to be patient and don't expect to be able to go straight down the other end of the field and create a chance everytime you get the ball, like real football it's important to keep possesion of the ball so pass backwards if needed and try to switch play from one side of the field to the other, eventually you should be able to work some space to create chances, sometimes the cpu will play very well and it will be almost impossible to create anything but like the real game it's just a case of hanging in there and maybe taking advantage if the cpu makes a mistak

if you're struggling then drop down a level or 2 and try playing with good teams until you get the feel for it, eventually it'll just click until then just keep practising, or if you want a goal fest go and play fifa ;)


Just a Malay Footballer
11 October 2004
Play one offensive midfielder behind the striker(s). With PES5 you score goals outside the penalty box compared to the previous version. It is useful during situation which the ball is rolling down somewhere outside the box, and then the like of GErrard, Lampard or Ballack, can cannoned it past the goalkeeper!

The freekick is much easier than before, the corner kick can be manipulated variously (not just header), so...training is important.

the long-through-pass-over-whole-opponent is not so effective anymore, so dont bother to try it regularly. Just try simple thru pass, and it works well! The like of Del Piero or Makaay can manipulate the thru ball with the defenses keep caught backtracked most of the time.;)


I was having real problems getting anywhere near the net to score because the defense seemed to have everyone covered on 5*. After earning enough PES I unlocked 6* mode in the PES Shop. I was used to playing on 6* in PES4.

I'm finding with 6* it's much easier to score than on 5*. On 6* the opposition seems to be a bit more aggressive and will often leave their marker to come and make a tackle, thus opening the way for through balls.

In fact, i'm finding the opposition extremely aggressive on 6*. I was Italy vs England, winning 1-0 with 10 minutes left and England brought on 3 subs, all attacking players, and moved 4 up front leaving only 3 at the back which made the game very exciting. I ended up winning 2-0 after a counter attack and a through ball put Totti through one on one.
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League 2
15 June 2005
One thing's for sure is that you need alot of patience I've got to try my Arsenal type build ups but I don't have 90 mins like they do on the pitch :lol:


Premier League
24 September 2005
how do you score? maybe you should practice mate!!!! once you learn the new system goals will come, unlike all the other pes games you cannot just charge down the pitch, learn to dribble, i caned argentina 5-1 using england last night, all goals were initiated by good dribbling and passing. one more thing, you really have to aim your passes now, no more pointing in the general direction and making a good pass, does'nt work!!

see ya online, i'll teach you how to score!!! hahahah (seriously, dribble and fake shot work)
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