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How Long before an Expander for the PES5 demo?


League 1
5 November 2003
How Long before an Expander for the PES5 demo?

I know nothing about mods or how there made , just wondering if the guys that make these things have to start from scratch when making an expander for PES5 Demo or is the template there or near it with expanders for last years PES4 demo expander???

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28 June 2005
i cant either, well i have the demo in 'my documents' and so do i put it in there with it, then run it? or do i do somet else.
by the way is it because it keeps opening in winrar??


How does it work? You have to place the file into your PES5 folder, then press run and then the game starts... but the readme file says that you have to press for example f1 in the menu but it still doesn't work.. ? What do I have to do?


6 November 2004
Will it be possible to open edit menu at all, perhaps to edit the players on the demo, 4 example get rid of tiago and create essien?? Just wondered, keep up the good work!!


or just wait a couple of weeks for the game lol
btw my demo is only half a match..is that right? it ends at half time
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29 June 2005
Manchester United
timers said:
wait, we cant do two player mode? this sucks
Actually u can....but thing is, one person will have to use the keyboard and the other person the controller(or the other way round).;)
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What if like me u have a PS2 Controller adapter plugged in to your PC which has 2 controllers plugged into it? does that mean me and my mate cant use the 2 joypads?



yes mate.
thats waht ive done playing my brothers. its the best way to play the game than playing the computer
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