how many are usually playing online at anyone time on the PC version



i really want this game but i am not sure whether to get a 2nd hand ps2 and the game or the PC version.Because i want to play online but i will justget a ps2 if there is not that many online on the PC version


La Liga
8 March 2004
In fairness, thats like asking how many cars are usually driving on the roads at any one time.

The game is only a few days old. You can only answer that question after its been out a month or so. There can be alot of people online but unfortunatly they're usually in the middle of a match. So you might have to wait around a bit. At least PES5 tells you that people are online (and the scores of the games) but I didn't see anything saying how much time was left in the matches - PES4 on Xbox didn't tell you anything.


There's plenty of people online for the PC version so shouldnt be a problem. if you use quick match mode it just finds someone for you to play, always seems to find an opponent straight away. no need to use the lobby if you don't want to
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