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How the hell do you defend corners in PES4?



Now i am really getting pissed at this game, no matter what i do, i cant defend corners at all, i have tried to get the keeper out but still I am having trouble defending them, is this has anything to do about being the host or client? cause the host always plays it as fast as possible, my defenders seem to be out of position or something…


League 2
14 July 2003
you should position your defenders in front of the free players. I know its a pain when the corner is taken fast and from above, because then you cant see shit in the box....


Short answer; you can't really defend them. You can move a player around or two; oftne best to cover the front post / 6 yard box area... but after that it comes to guessing to bring the keeper out or not, which is a 50/50 gamble really.
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