How the hell?! ..


The Mighty Jim

Hi, first post here!..

Been playing online now since crimbo.
I've had every pes game since they started it and I've never had this prob before.

online, cant tackle anyone no matter how shite they are.. unless they are just totally shite n dont have a clue how to play the game. and I also cant keep hold of the ball.

its as if my control pad is just not as good as everyone elses or they all have an extra button which makes them 150 million times better than me..

its got to the point where i just dont want to play online any more..

please help me learn how to tackle! :( :( :( lol



best thing to do is not hold A all the time, as it makes it really easy for them to dribble past you. try tapping A when your close.

as for keeping the ball, just practice passing the ball between players, go back if you must. also try picking teams with high teamwork ratings e.g. AC Milan.
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