How to achieve widescreen?



I'm currently playing PES6 on my PS3. Last week I purchased a 26" Sony Bravia TV set, and connected the PS3 to it via a HDMI cable.

Ever since, when I play a PS2 game like Pro Evo or GTA I'm getting these huge black bars going vertically down either side of the screen.

The picture dosen't seem too squased, it's presenting the game in 4:3 on a widescreen TV if you understand me.

Is there any settings that I can adjust to present Pro Evo in such a way that it will fill the screen? or is this not possible?


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15 October 2003
Southampton, UK
Well, i have a 32" Bravia, i play with upscaling off, and smoothing on in the ps3 xmb, on the game i use 50Hz and then i set my bravia to smart size and hit the down arrow once.. lol

Works a treat for me, hopefully this will sort you out :)

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20 June 2006
It s only in your TV. Unfortenelly, WE or PES doesnt have Widescreen Mode. Only the Moth...F... Wide camera


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13 August 2003
It happened same to me but after the 1.8 firmware download.And When i turn upscaling to "on" I got the same black bars..And picture is like 4:3.
I play pes 6 with at screen mode.
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