How to change the national team names?


Symphony Of Death

I want to change the names of some national teams (for a patch), but it's impossible to do that without editing the exe. I saw once a tool posted in this forum but i have lost it

If somebody knows hot to do it please post it


Sorry for probably 1000 th time same question, but can someone give me a link where I can download all the real names of teams and players so I don´t have to write it?
Also if you know is there a possibility to upload a teams emblem to PES? Or is someone with some sense in writing done it already and is willing to share it with others.


P.S. I have moved folder with instaled PES5 from C disk to D disk (it is the same disk but partiated) and i´ve lost my option file and all saves,can i find them somewhere or not?

P.P.S. if u want to have "real" players then you shoul change the dominant foot of Bosnjak in Croatia to right!
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