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How to create WE9I (North America) option file using PS2 Save Builder


1 April 2003
This worked for me:
Now to the matter at hand, in order to convert PES5 option files to WE9I option files all you need is a handy (and free!) little program for the PC entitled PS2 Save Builder, you can get it from:


It's about halfway down the page.

Download, extract, and open that bad boy up.

Now in the Save Builder, you want to do the following:
1. Open the save file you want to convert (i.e. the PES5 option file you downloaded from evo-web, or wherever).
2. Now you should see the Root/ID as something like: BESLES-xxxxxPES5OPT, underneath that, you should see three file names and their sizes (the BESLES-xxxxxPES5OPT, icon.sys, and icon_view).
3. Click the first filename twice until you can edit its text.
4. Now in place of BESLES-xxxxxPES5, write "BASLUS-21220WWE9OPT" (the BASLUS portion notifies that it's an NTSC game, the 21220 is the five digit code on the spine of the game, and the WWE9OPT is the pathname used by the game for its option files).
5. Save the file, exit, and export that mammajamma to your memory card.
6. Turn on your hot copy of WE9 and enjoy.

For the record, I am using Blackcocktail's updated option file using PESFan v2's roster modified for the January transfers.

You can find it here:

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29 November 2005
anything like this for WE9:I for PSP? I've tried several different PES5 option files with no luck.

Hello Clitty

I do all that but the game won't recognize the OF. What am I doing wrong?

Hello Clitty

Where are the soccer forums? My problem is that the file keeps showing up as a PES file and not a WEI file.
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Al Boyd

Hey thanks for creating the option file, but for the life of me I could not find it on the Operationsports.com website.


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