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how to make a defender come forward at corners?


7 October 2005
hi mates,
in PES4, i could make a defender come up front when i had a corner or a free kick near the opponents goal. i just had to set those offense-arrows the right way.
But in PES5, this seems to have no effect at all, defenders never seem to go forward when i get a corner.
is there a way to set this?
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13 February 2006
Yeah, I want to know that too. When I've a corner, some dangerous defenders as Stam or Alex (PSV) would be welcome in the 16 :)


16 December 2005
FK Vozdovac
i think they would come if you set attacking strategy to higest and wait a while. i`ve noticed that defenders often come in box when you have a negative result in dying moments of the game(even gk comes if you wait enough)..

sorry for bad language I R baboon
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2 August 2003
Yeah, set attacking strategy to the max (:l2: + :r1: until red), then either wait for the defenders to come up to the box, or change kicker, and they will automatically be there!

Ridiculous really by Konami to make you have to do this every time, should be a system where the tallest players automatically is in the box when you have set pieces.


Tyneside Amateur League
3 September 2003
Phoenix - unfortantely
Watford FC
i think i read in pigbacks review of proevo5 that it said in this version the centre backs didnt come up to corners - as they had feed back from players and took it out, so they put in CB overlap, if you set this a designated defender will come up for corners and freekicks


2 August 2003
This should be part of the Formation setting. So that you could choose which playeres you want to come up for corners, and also where they should be (like in FM). Cause there are some ridiculous things like, when you're Chelsea, Makelele (who is 1.69m or something) is one of the three players in the box.


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7 June 2003
they should improve the formations menu further by making an in-depth set piece settings,like who to go forward, where to position/stand, or making runs into the penalty box when the free kick is taken
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