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How to play Rooney?


31 January 2004
Hello all... I play with Man. United and England a lot, but I've noticed that almost always Rooney plays like shite (his average score has got to be somewhere around 5.3). Can anyone tell me what I should do with him in order to use him well in the pitch??

Here's how I usuall play him. Usually beside Larsson or Saha, on their right, closer to the midfielders and closer to C. Ronaldo. I position him as an SS rather than a CF. Also, I usually put an arrow diagonally towards the goal (diagonal left).

Can anyone give me any tips?



25 August 2005
just try to get him on the edge of the box........run along the 18 yard box line (try to make a bit of space) and hit it.....applies to ronaldo too


6 August 2005
play him as a SS behind the striker..playin off the shoulder n wen he gets the ball just run!!!!!!!
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