How to Prevent CPU from changing formations?


League 2
2 August 2005
I was playing the Eredivisie 6* with Feyenoord when the game against PSV came, the CPU had changed the regular formation I set up for PSV for some unbalanced tactic with 3 atackers on the left flank plus one center foward, this just before the game. I never had too much complains for this cpu changes, but this was plain weird. PSV didn't stand a chance when I expected a tough game.

Anyone knows how to make them stick to their original formation?

I have been simulating this situation with leagues of two teams, PSV will always change their formation (not always the same, and never as unbalanced as the first one mentioned) if I am Ajax or Feyenoord, but won't against the likes of ADO or Groningen, or non dutch teams like Barça, Lyon...

Tried this with other rivalites, the Spurs will adopt a defensive tactic when facing Arsenal, but will stick to the original against Manchester
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