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How to sign edited players in master league


24 November 2003
Hi. I have created a player in master league ie. me. It is time for transfers however I dont know how to sign myself. I go to search by group, extras and then editing but it says there are no players. i dont have any criteria set up and went and added some but still same result.

Any help??

pepe montoto

League 1
8 August 2004
Boca Juniors
ruudboy said:
I think you've got to register the edited player in any club. I created myself and all my mates in edit mode and registered all the players. Then I did a search by group in Master League and found that all my players were available. I also worked out that if you choose to play the ML in "Create Original Team" mode (3rd option unlockable in WE shop) you can actually start the game with your new players. It's pretty cool although depending on how nice you are to yourself and friends in terms of stats, you can end up with a very expensive team.
Note: When you create the players you have to do it in the "second" UNREGISTERED column. Don't ask me how but I realised this doesn't happen when you create a player in the first column. They seem to be unavailable in Master League. How do you tell you've done it right? Once you finish your creation and then go to "save player OK" a window with your player value for ML will pop up.

Doubla R

13 April 2005
So if you create players in the second column, which is to transfer I believe, you can base copy players and build an All Star team right?
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