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How to tackle???



Sorry I'm a newbie and have no idea what to do.
The situation:
I run past the defender and anyway he gets the ball. Its like he knocks me off. I dont know what to do. Its the same in the defense. I get the ball and he knocks me off and scored. Everyone tells me its timing. It could be, but what should i press on the joypad. i knew :r2: or :r2: +X. But it doesnt work.

So please Evo Web pimp my mind!!!!!!!!!\\:o/


''shooto miss''
25 October 2001
loads of things come into it, sometimes i can have a stinker where my players wont tackle well all game, sometimes i'll have them intercepting and nicking the ball of opponents with ease, when it looks like both me and my opponent are doing the same thing we did in the last game, thats a minor gripe i have about PES now i really think, especially with some of the bigger players there should be some real 'OOMPF' to tackling.
It gets frustrating when on paper you are doing the right thing to tackle, but the animation in game decides to choose the 'wrong' kind of jostle or block tackle to make.

Timing and positioning comes into it, knowing when to use X or not use X comes into it....X, especially in Pro Evo 6 i prefer to call the 'close down' button.

What i try to do is jockey the player, coming in to tackle from the inside is easier as they have extra work to do to cut in past you, and they cannot shield the ball the same as when you are coming in from their outside.

With practice you get the feel of when you can nip in, you can see the player animations that show when the ball is close to the players feet, ideally you're looking for that moment when its not quite under the players control so you can nip in and take it.

Pressure and holding down X in the right areas is good, like closing down a player quickly in midfield, as missing a tackle isnt as bad....keeping a cool head when you're the last line of defence is needed too though, and a crafty dribbler will see that X tackle coming in and skip past easily.

It's getting the feel for it thats the most important thing, cutting down passing lanes is better against some opponents, whereas with others its better to jockey them to force a mistake.

Holding your position is important in defence, make it so your opponent has to come through you not you chasing them down only to have them draw you out and trick past you...i think at times not using the X button helps win the ball better especially on passes as the player isn't moving to where the ball was, but instead is anticipating where its going to be.

Stats, Player Skill, Experience, Tactics and Formation settings and that Pro Evo randomness all come into play when defending and tackling, sometimes you will still be beaten in defence even if you were doing a pretty good job...one of the animations from either you or the attacker will determine the outcome of the face-off, but keeping position, knowing when to go for the ball or looking to anticipate where the attacker will go will make you a stronger defender....have fun with the game mate.

For me the most important thing is knowing when to pressure an opponent, or when to hold off and nick the ball when they don't quite have it under control...when you start holding off against a good dribbler you will be able to see them wondering what to do for a bit, they are looking for you to charge in with X and turn easily, but not commiting to the tackle can make them hesitate and you might be able to use that to intercept the ball or then nip in and steal the ball.

have fun with the game mate.


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21 June 2004
Yup the key i think it not charge in to the tackle. Hold them off, if they can't have a clear shot on your goal, the defender wins ;)


League 2
13 August 2003
Forget about R2.
Don't run towards your opponent wait him to come on you in a balanced way.When you are close enough than press X.
Don't slide unneccesarily
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