I cant buy Henry!!! :(


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7 April 2005
I am currently doing Master League with Real Madrid and from the beginning i have wanted to sign Henry, i tried in the first transfer period and had no luck at all, i offered him everything, even the max amount of money. I then tried in the next transfer period and still no luck, does any one have any tips on how to lure players to your team? or is this one part of the game we cant really control.



13 February 2006
First check his remaining contract years. If its for example 3yrs then it's harder to get him then when it's 1yr. Second, maybe your team doesn't have a 'big name' in the scene and he don't want to make a step back. Just keep trying, sometimes you have to offer and offer and offer again!


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14 August 2003
offer a REASONABLE amount. Don't go overboard. Set the contract length very low, say 2, maybe three, maybe even 1 year. Experiment.

Goto your master league options screen, turn off auto-save and THEN save your game.

Now goto continue, see if your bid successful, if not quit out of masterleague, load up again and try again and again with the same settings.

Eventually you might get lucky and he will join.

It's very random.

I had this problem with Ronaldinho not wanting to join my team but out of a whim I offered him LESS, and offered to buy other players at the same time and guess what? They rejected and Ronaldinho came.

I've experimented further and you can get a lot of players using this method if you feel like it.


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1 July 2005
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Boca Juniors, Legia
A. You may still be in D2, it's tough that way.

B. If you're playing as Chelsea they probably made inter-rival trades tougher to pull off.


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
You won't get the best players while you're in Div 2 - try searching for the players "open to negotiation".

I'm the same with Owen btw - still can't get him back to where he belongs even now i'm in Div 1, even though I've managed to get E'to, Walcott, Joaqchim(sp?), Torres and Robinho. (I got all of those by checking the Openess to Negotiation thingy).


League 1
14 August 2003
Even if your in division 1 and done the treble each season they sometimes won't leave. You need to use the trick above to get them in that case.
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