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I GOT IT ... And it feels good

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I got it in the post this morning , and it feels great the title screen is in English .. big help i gotta help booklet , in japanese so that helps LOL ! in the process of changing all the liverpool players names at the mo ... Garcia is fast ! when ur player is in a downew with that arrow pointing down he is BAD ! even worse than pro evo 4 , but turning with the ball is better few new skills i found , any ways must go more winning eleven 9 to be played cyaz


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13 July 2004
Yes, I also noticed that players with blue or purple arrow are just useless, they don't run or dribble or anything. Last night Owen entered in the last ten minutes for Raul, but he had a blue arrow, and I had to take him out and put Guti in to finish the match, he just would not run!
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