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I have a weird idea.


23 July 2006
I think that the new edition winning eleven/pes should have 3 new stats for the players.
-Heading acc
-Heading power
-heading tech( same as shooting tech, higher the stats, the better the player can head from a tight angle.)

i had this idea because when i realise that some players' heading power is weaker than others but more acc than others... what do you think, guys?


23 July 2006
and of course, i am not talking about scoring a goal from heading outside the penalty box... haha lol.. that will be ridiculous......
oh.. come to think of it.. i think i score a goal outside the penalty box from header in winning eleven 6(jpn verison ps one )...
it was a match between italy and france... totti send a long pass forward, beating the offside trap. den it was a one on one between the keeper(barthez) and vieri... barthez came out from the penalty box, hoping to clear the ball with his head.. both players were running towards the ball
something like this 'vieri------> (ball)<----------- barthez..
but vieri is taller and he beat barthez to the ball and he head a looping ball over barthez...... and the ball bounce twice into the net... haha... a fluke... i know
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I love lamp
18 March 2006

The thing I really want is a power-gauge on headers, specifically passing headers. One of the most annoying things is when you want to make a 4 metre weak passing header to a teammate next to you and yuor player heads it 15 metres and the ball overshoots your teammate and ends up with an opposing player.
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