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I have had it with the CPU


1 April 2004
Blackpool, England
Take the time to read this it isn't a loada rubbish...

I have been playing pes scince it's first title on the ps2. I'm a very good player imo, I beat the cpu quite comfortably on 6* or top player as it is now, I have 4 wins out of 4 to my name from the time I went to pes league, master league isn't too much of a challenge. Anyway more to the point of the cpu. Scince pes3 (I never really noticed this much in pes1+2)the cpu has decided to come in during matches and decide how things go. Now this wasn't too bad in pes3, there would only be say like 1 or 2 matches in a season which would for example force your dream team to a draw with a farely small club. It was annoying when it happened but it wasn't too big a deal.
Now from pes3 to pes6, oh...how things have changed, and for the worse. In pes 6 now, in some cases the cpu decides the game. Now don't think I'm some crazy guy who can't take losing, because i'll tell you it has nothing to do with losing. During master league in pes6, the amount of times I came across these matches, where the cpu will force you into a draw or a loss is ridiculous. I guess you could say it needs to give some competition, but in this case it does remove the enjoyment of playing.
Now on to matches over xbox live. Basically, if you want a fair match, where it's one person's skills against another's...well you are very very rarely going to get one. The cpu takes over the game, and in some cases can even decide it. Now I'm not saying an experienced player would lose to a player who has never picked up a game controller. But it is the things that happen throughout the game which do indeed effect the outcome. These things can come in many different forms such as:

The cpu sliding - everyone will have witnessed this, and everyone will be annoyed if it gives away a free kick, or in the worst case a penalty (happened to me in stoppage time, went to 2-2).

Missing open nets/tap ins - Yes this does happen in real life. and it is good that it is included in the game. BUT. When they are missing them for fun and conveniently when you are 1 goal down, you start to think is it ever gonna let me score. Best strikers on the game even come prey to it, EVEN ADRIANO!

Pressing X but not shooting - Now this is unbelievable. At first I thought I had a faulty controller, but then I tried my 2nd one and then my mates started saying they come across this. For example you're one on one and you press X to shoot and it does frig all, and its too late because the keeper has rushed out and smothered the ball. Seems to happen now and again (probably when the cpu doesn't want a goal at that point).

Own goals - OH...MY...GOD! If I had a penny for everytime John Terry has blasted the ball in my own net... It is laughable this. I'd say about 60% of the time I have had a lose ball by the goal line (in some cases at least 3 yards away from it) one of my defenders has run in like a mad man and thrashed it in his own net!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!!! It even happens if you don't tell them to clear. Your giving awya goals which are not your fault, they are the cpu's!

Fouls that are not given (especially in the box) - I spose this has been in alot of pes games, but something I noticed happens alot are blatent fouls in the box which don't result in penaltys. I was playing this guy (1-0 up) and in stoppage time I clearly took him out in the box (at my own will not the cpu's) and the ref did nothing (this guy I was playing must of been racked off).

Players not sprinting when you tell the to - Ok you are 1-0, it's 2 mins added on stoppage time, and you've just broken out to counter attack after 20 mins of pressure, you notice a WF with acres of space, you send a through ball towards his path, oh what's this? The player won't sprint after the ball, he only wants to jog, and then a defender is able to catch up or even get the ball before him.

Odds and ends - Without the blatently obvious interferences from the cpu, there are still some things which the cpu has a hand in. Things like...easy passes going stray...GK taking out a CF (nothing given)...0 mins added on (happens alot in ET, and is very strange when you are 4-3 down, what happened to 30 secs a goal?)...un defendable corners (defenders just stand and pick their arses while a striker scores)...strikers can just run through your defence, or the passing through your defence is so blatently gifted by your defender being bone idle.

Forget about fair games people, those days are long gone, you are almost playing the cpu every game, win lose or draw, the cpu will be playing some part in the final result, and in most cases a big part.

If you think I'm nuts then you havn't played pes enough to experience all these things, but it shouldn't take you long in this awful addition of pes.

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
Non football league waste land...
Wrexham AFC
Had them all in spades, play for four or five hours at a go three or so nights a week with my mate against CPU, you can tell when thins have altered even during play and the comp goes as we like to term it, on one!! Some will swear on their moms grave it never happens others will cry big bloody cheaty arse!! It's as said elsewhere and before down to bad programming and it's easier to put those things in than take out!! You live with it and budget in a new controller every few months...or play FIFA, I would play FIFA but the awful menu and front end grind sooo bad!!


22 June 2004
Sheffield Wednesday
I know exactly what you mean nofxdude.
Just had a game on live against some guy called JUANIKOCT
Good game, just very frustrating.

EVERY rebound went to his guys, Schevchenko who was on a red arrow missed 5 empty net chances, nearly all of them quite central too, where i rounded his keeper.
Every time there was a takle, he seemed to come away with the ball, be his his defenders or mine making the challenge.
I hit the damned woodwork 8 times from inside 18 yards.

One of his goals was a rebound off 2 players, somehow it went past my 4 defenders and found his attacking midfielder for an 8 yard tap-in.
His second was the usual boring, cheap Barca tactic of run down the wing, cut back, pass across and tap it in. Even with Terry man marking on his cf it still worked.


I usually just restart the game if I am pissed (Master League) and play it over.

lol even that doesn't work most of the time. i restarted a match 6 times once in PES5 ML, in all 6, my AI teammate gave away a penatly in the first 5 minutes.

unbelieveable. but if you think its just suddenly cropped up, think again, i remember match fixing way back in pes4 at least.

if you do find your in a fixed match, the best thing to do is start subbing players and changing the formation, this has worked wonders for me.

edit> i also hate stoppage time - if i'm winning, stoppage time allows cpu to have 3-4 chances, if im losing, then i can barely get the ball past the center line before he blows the whistle


22 June 2004
Sheffield Wednesday
Well it seems (online games at least) that if you have the most possession, the AI gives just about every little bounce, bobble and 50-50 chance to the guy who's getting the least of the possession.

Seems like its the AI's way of "evening things up".

Everytime i've had more possession than someone, they've got the rub of the green, and everytime i've had the least possession, i got all the luck.
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League 2
14 July 2003
oh my....i know exactly what you mean and its soo frustrating. All the points you mention I experience in every single game. There are no fair games on LIVE anymore. Too much cpu interferance.
Maybe RichB33 is right, because in most games i have most possesion and in most games the other guy has the edge.
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