I Need You - Dream Team League


13 August 2005
Hey Im from a site called WEManiacs, and I am the manager of the latest Dream Team over there called A.C. Phoenix and am looking for players.

Basically the DTL is a league where we create teams (Emblem, Kits, Adboards, Stadia) and we host games against one another, AI v AI and the matches are recorded with Frapps, Gamecam etc and then uploaded on the net for anyone to watch.

The players in the team are all members who have created their player and are put in the team. Currently we are in Season 4 and have 10 teams but next season we are creating two divisions of 6 and there will be 12 teams, I am the manager of the newest team and am recruiting.

Hopefully some of you guys would be interested in signing up for the Phoenix :D
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