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I played my part in the Shevchenko transfer

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23 February 2004
As you may know, i run an autographs business online; Link removed by CW

Last night i recieved a call to say go to the health suite at the bridge as Sheva is there. So me and my paparazi mate got on the tube and went to the ground.

The transfer was not going to be announced complete until Monday but my mate got him to hold up my signed shirt (which is now in every paper) and Chelsea therefore had to bring forward the signing announcement as he would have been all over the papers with a chelsea shirt before they announced it.

That is why the announcement was made so late last night, about 10.30pm.

You can now buy Sheva shirts on my site!

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8 January 2002
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I have an online celebrity excrement business.
I have Shevshenko's first excrements after becoming a Chelsea player (to be more specific, the excrements of the meal he ate with Mourinho and Kenyon) and i can assure you Sheva is (like the man who started this thread) full of shit...



23 February 2004
Not my photo, its my mate who works for an agency. He wont tell me how much he has made, probably as i want a cut.

The item is now on ebay.

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19 August 2003
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