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Ideas for Pro Evo 5



First of all, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is the best soccer game in the market, it is light years ahead of FIFA (& this is coming from an ex-dedicated FIFA FAN since 1996 but made the transfer to Pro Evo in 2004).
But Like in anything, some small improvements are needed to maintain that prestige:

*Keep in mind all these changes are for PS2 & X-box
(1) More Stadiums:
-Santiago Bernabeau (Real Madrid Stadium)
-Vincente Calderon (Atletico Madrid Stadium) ETC.

(2)Stadoum Grass & Cut Control:
-Have the ability to choose what color the pitch is
-Have the ability to choose what type of cut the grass she be
(Ex: Circles, Diagonal, Horizontal etc.)

(3)Stadium Goals/Nets:
-Have the ability to choose what color you want the nets
-Have the ability to set how far you want the nets to go
(Note:In some stadiums some nets go way back & loose, some
are close & tight)

-Get the the LICENSE for England & Germany

-Nothing Really Major, game is pretty good as is but maybe a
touch up in the variation in how CPU attacks & Defends?
(Ex: Certain teams have a more touch style play as opposed to
another team with a kick ball style of Play)
(6) Free Kicks:
-Improve the way Freekicks are taken
-Players Warming up on Side lines
-An Interactive Newspaper Higlhlighting the weeks Headlines w/ Pics
& video clips.
(Like in NCAA College Football in USA 2005 Game)
- Player Celebration, have control of what type of celebration.
After goal be able to run to the crowd, run to team bench,
take shirt off, slide, jump on fence, jump over billboards,
yell in opposing players face etc.

Thats it for now
let me know what you guys think should be added or taken out....?


Hooked on editing
3 June 2004
Team F, Other Leagues C
More international & club teams. More licensed leagues/teams.


i think that when playing multiplayer they should include something like the opta stats so you can see how many passes/tackles/throughballs/goals etc each person has scored within the team.So you know who has played well.


Have more boots and balls. So a larger editing mode (but it has a way larger editing mode than PES4 right?)

Indeed more license.

The ball should become dirty too, only the players become dirty when they've played the game. The ball always stays clean.

Better movement of the players, make it more realistic
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