Im lost! Please help



I came here hoping to find a list stating who plays for what team and what there latest attributes are, so I can enter it all into PES3 on the PS2.
I haven't found it yet but I keep finding stuff hinting towards adding saved data to memory cards.

Can you burn stuff to a cd and then get it to trasfer onto a PS2 memory card? Does the PS2 have to be chipped? or is there an option in the later PES games.

many thanks


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29 January 2006
well dude if you want pes3 stats, fat chance, you should but the other latest games, like pes5 but the stats are still crappy, so you can wait for some nice option file like plf's or del perios, but you need a max drive to do that, for all that stuff you can check out, ps2&xbox editing section
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