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This is just a list my own stupid preferences for enjoying the game, take 'em for what they worth. (ie. free)

1. My favorite type of player is the "impact sub". ie. Someone like Keibi aka Dagaka who just HITS the field with an impact and can break open a stalled match. There is nothing like cracking open a game stuck in neutral with a firecracker sub...imo. Andrei Kariaka currently plays this role for me.

2. My second favorite kind of player is the "role player". An otherwise pretty good player who can come in and do just about anything and cover for starters or weak developing players. Owen Hargreaves rocked the house in early ML seasons where I needed a player to come in and play both ends, especially on tournament weeks where fatigue sets in. I can't tell you how many crosses and set pieces for goals Hargreaves had for me. His skills/abilities(playmkr)/positions....SB/DMF/SMF ='d an awesome role player who can score as well.

3. Something that adds to the ML experience, imo, is the "long prospect" player: a future starter/"impact sub" developed from a player who starts REALLY weak but has room to grow. My two current projects in this regard are Igor Protti (high response, agility, aggression and mentality) and Darius Wosz (agility, agression, playmaker). Watching these guys come on board and develop from teenagers makes ML fun over the seasons, imo. The fact that they're both short and never got quite "famous" only adds to it. Of course, I put Protti in sunglasses and gave Wosz crazy hair. Nuff said.

4. There's also something cool about taking players who played long careers but never tasted big time victory in the spotlight and giving them a spot on my ML squad. Bufnjel (Ali Boumnijel) and Hossam Hassan are two player like this. Underdogs who develop into full on the game. Amedeo Carboni would be another one like this. (Although I don't really like the "start with 90's but have really weak abilities elsewhere" thing...imo, I'd rather start with one or two strengths and a few abilities and build the rest over time.)

5. Fwiw, here's some other players I've put on my squad who fit the starter bill quite nicely and develop well over the years: Viktor Onopko, Valery Sedoc, David Villa, Vaclav Sverkos, & Florent Chaigneau. (I'm currently trying to acquire this young Argentinian player...Bustos sb/cbw...and hoping he's kind of an Oscar Ruggeri player, if not, um, really Oscar Ruggeri...who, btw, was born in...Corral de Bustos. You think that's the deal with the "secret players"? You tell me. My guess is that they are real players who embody their nation's style of play.)

I guess if you could sum up my approach to the game, not being a fan of any particular club or national team...

I try to build a ML squad with high agility, mentality and technique...with an underdog twist. My goal is to hit the field with an IMPACT team that can score from any situation, attack from the backfield, play strong in the 2nd half and in tournament weeks and make great highlight reels.

Yeah, I've done that stupid dribble course more times than anyone should have to, and the long pass training is a pain in the a**. But the rewards are worth it...if you ask me. With my limited skills I'm still uncovering animations / goal scoring situations / player moves. And when it happens with a player I developed from nothing in a match that I HAVE to win...well, that's why I play the game.


Hate is a very strong word.

Um...I this game and look forward to seeing it evolve. (har har.)

But, yeah, turning on the Italian announcers (dunno why I like them, but I do, maybe it's because I can't understand what they're saying mostly), uh, turning on the announcers and running a 20 minute match where you see your strategies meet up with your gaming skills is a pretty cool experience.

Just a game, yeah. But bettter than most dreck out there.
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