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Impossible to have an online game



Ive had the game since Thursday and i havent even managed to get ONE online game on yet, Are Konami lookin into this problem or not? :(


Ive managed about 50 games now, with no problems what so ever.

Go to Ranked Match > Create Game and wait.... I usually get somebody challenging me within 10 seconds.


12 August 2003
If u r trying to join a game, view the player profile 1st because I think their are a lot of "dummy" matches. If it says Division 1 but when you check the person hasn't played any games then there is something wrong.

I check and if the user has played a few games I have nop problem connecting.

Very strange tho from a company like Konami to have these problems. They make enough money each year from PES to have some decent servers.
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